Jake Joy

We have a six-year-old German Shepherd rescue named Jacob, or Jake.  We adopted Jake at five months of age and he immediately stole our hearts with his lovable, goofy personality.  We did have to live through Jake’s puppy antics which at times were more annoying than endearing.  There were times I got a little tired of Jake using my arm as a chew toy or running through the house with shoes in his mouth, but the puppy days have passed, and our big dog is a cherished member of our family.

What I’ve come to notice over the past few years is that Jake is happiest when our entire family is home.  Now anyone with a dog will say that’s no surprise because dogs are pack animals.  But I am amazed at how completely content and even energized our Jake becomes when the entire family is gathered.  I’m talking about lie-on-your back while chewing on a bone content!

Yesterday at Mass, the church was full, and people were singing and fully engaged in the Liturgy.  An infant was baptized, and all the baby’s family and friends were gathered.  While I don’t know the baby’s parents, I can only imagine the joy they must have been feeling yesterday.  It looked like “Jake joy” to me!  I know I felt a moment of “Jake joy” with the church so full and so many members of our parish family present.  I want to hang on to that “Jake joy” feeling this week and hopefully be a source of joy or comfort to those I will see.

This week I will think about the words in Psalm 16:11 which say, “You will show me the path to life, abounding joy in your presence, the delights at your right hand forever.”

 I wish you a “Jake joy” kind of day, friends!


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