Early Morning Coffee Thoughts

It felt like a fall morning when I awoke and took our dog outside in the backyard.  There was dew on the grass and the air was crisp, not cold but chilly enough to warrant a sweater or jacket.  The brewing coffee made the kitchen feel cozy and I looked forward to reflecting on the daily readings with my favorite purple mug in hand, wondering just what wisdom might be waiting to be discovered.

It’s the gospel reading that touched my heart today.  Jesus gathered his disciples and selected from them his twelve apostles, those who would be sent to deliver his message to others.  While the selection process itself was not carefully detailed for us in scripture, one thing was made perfectly clear: “Jesus went out to the mountain to pray and he spent the night in prayer to God.” (Luke 6:12)

Nothing was mentioned about anyone having character references or a well-prepared resume, but the fact that Jesus took some time to pray before making such a monumental decision was made abundantly clear.

I think that reminder resonated with me this morning not because I don’t pray enough but because I don’t always remember to STOP, slow down and pray.  I’ve turned into a praying multi-tasker, if there is such a term, in other words praying while driving or praying while walking or praying while pushing a shopping cart through the frozen foods aisle.  Seems like I’ve been doing a whole lot of talking to a God who patiently listens but I’ve kind of been neglecting the listening for God’s response part.  That’s my take-away from today’s readings.  What’s yours?  I’d love to hear!


One thought on “Early Morning Coffee Thoughts

  1. Ed Reichert

    Hi Kris,

    I think the Lord High God speaks to us in the fresh air and morning sunshine, for which we are ever grateful. I think God speaks to us in the beauty of the world around us, and in the opportunities for us to help others daily come closer to Him. The Lord God speaks to us in our yearnings and our longings and in our daily exchanges with those with whom we work, play, pray, and spend time together. What inspires us to do anything? Look there for God. See a flower growing through a sidewalk? Ha! Is that God Laughing at our frail creations? God’s love is represented to us in the people who love us. God is speaking to us through them; all the time. As you said, our task here is to slow down, stop, and listen.


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