Elusive Rainbows and Other Such Things

Can I just say that this has been the weirdest summer ever?  I cannot really articulate too much on this statement but I assure you, dear reader, what I write is true.  I entered the month of June with great hopes for some summer enlightenment and as July prepares to bid us adieu, I have yet to glean anything that is transformative or even remotely helpful.

I am convinced, however, that life provides plenty of teachable moments and while the big questions of the universe have not been revealed to me so far, this summer, I have been graced with wonder and awe in little snippets, always just enough to remind me that God’s grace is all I need.

In my carefully scheduled, over-planned daily calendar of events, God has revealed beauty, humor, persistence and a reminder to me to remain humble.

“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,’ declares the LORD.”
(Isaiah 55:8) 

 When I start taking myself way too seriously, which is often, that’s when I notice a little chipmunk racing across the road or a mother deer splashing in a puddle with her two babies.  As I lament my unfinished daily “to do” list, I think of two other moms whose lives were cut far too short by cancer.  Suddenly my “problems” seem rather insignificant in the greater scheme of things.   As I fret about upcoming transitions in our family life, I am comforted by the many ways God has intervened over the past fifty-one years and has never given me more than I can truly handle.  Why would it be any different now or in the days ahead?

Not every day is a rainbow day or a good hair day or a low-stress day.  Some days ARE better than others.  But just the promise of an occasional rainbow or little snippets of wonder and awe sustain this determined disciple.  Your grace IS enough, LORD.