Sunny Mornings

A sunny day can be a beautiful thing.  When I drop off my teen before school each day, however, I must drive directly toward the rising sun to head home.  There’s a short time where the angle of the sun is practically blinding, even with the visor down and my dark sunglasses on.  It’s not for very long, but I have to use all my senses to be acutely aware of everything on the road and around me.  The sun, even in all its goodness, can prevent me from seeing that which I need to see.

Doing everything I can to avoid this “temporary blindness” prompts me to ask the following question:  Do I ever let seemingly good things in life blind me from seeing what those around me need? Am I really “seeing” what needs to be seen or am I just going through the motions?  To truly love God and others, don’t I need to be fully awake, fully “in tune” with all that surrounds me?

 “Let us try asking ourselves: Am I open to the action of the Holy Spirit? Do I pray to him to give me illumination, to make me more sensitive to God’s things? This is a prayer we must pray every day: “Holy Spirit, make my heart open to the word of God, make my heart open to goodness, make my heart open to the beauty of God every day.” ― Pope Francisthe Church of Mercy

Part of the conscious decision to be more PRESENT to those around me has forced me to evaluate each activity on my personal calendar.  Am I dedicating enough time to the people I live with and love?  Do I get enough sleep each night?  Am I making time each day to truly pray to the LORD?  Is Mass a priority on the weekends or am I just going through the motions there?  Am I being present to the people I encounter on a daily basis?  These can be tough questions but I believe that we constantly need to WAKE UP and let the SON shine in!



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